Digital Exams

This is the booking page for LCME’s suite of Digital Recorded Exams and Digital Live Exams (Diplomas only).
Please choose the relevant link below to book your exam.

Digital Recorded Exams

Choose which type of booker you are:

Use this booking form if you are a self-presenting candidate, booking an exam for yourself. You must be of legal age.

Use this booking form if you are a parent or guardian, booking an exam for one of your children or wards.

Use this booking form if you are a teacher of one or more candidates or when you have to enter a cohort of candidates as a group booker. 

Digital Live Exams (Diplomas only)

Our Digital Live Diplomas can only be booked through official LCME Exam Centres / LCME Partners.
Please contact your local representative if you wish to take a Digital Live Diploma.

Please contact our technical support if you have any system related questions or need assistance with your bookings. 

If you have questions or queries about the content of the exams, standards, results or certificates, please contact the LCME Office.

Use this booking form if you are an official exam centre representative. Your account must be verified.

Need to enter a large cohort of candidates? We’ll assist you with bulk booking via Excel file (currently only available for official LCME Exam Centres).