Take an exam

Open https://lcme.exsrv.com and log in to your account.
Please make sure you are using the correct email address and password (i.e. upper and lower case)

If you do not remember your password or having issues logging in, follow this link to request a new password: https://lcme.exsrv.com/login/forgot_password.php

After your first login, it is required to complete your candidate profile. These fields are required to identify you when you start your attempt and – of course – to send you your certificate when you have passed your exam.

Confirm your details by clicking on the “Update profile” button.

Now go to your “Dashboard”. Here you will find a list of the exams you are enrolled in.

Click on the exam you want to take.

On the exam page you will see further instructions, e. g. how your exam is invigilated, where you can find the guidelines and where to get help if you are experiencing technical issues during your exam.

When you are ready to take your exam, you can start your attempt:

  • click on the link to your exam
  • allow (always allow) your browser to access your webcam
  • click on the “Start attempt” button
  • type in the Exam Access Code (you will receive the Exam Access Code a few minutes before your exam by email)
  • click the checkbox to confirm that your webcam is turned on and working
  • confirm that you want to start your attempt by clicking on the “Start attempt” button.

From here the exam session is started and all exam rules apply.

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