Step by Step: How to submit my recorded exam?

Here is a step by step guide on how to upload your files, fill out the Submission Information Box and submit your work.

01. Login

Go to and login with the unique username provided for the candidate profile and the candidate’s dob (dd/mm/yyyy) as the password.

You can find the login details for the candidate profile in the confirmation email you have received after the booking.
The username consists of a shortened combination of the candidate’s name, followed by a hyphen and an 8-character random, unique code. (e.g. johndoe-8b7m52sd).

If you can not login and see an error message “Invalid Login”, please double check you use the exact login details as provided.
Most common issues are prepending or appending empty spaces when you copy the login details or missing / slashes in the DOB as the password.

02. Dashboard

You will see your Dashboard now. Please click on your exam to go to the exam page.

03. Exam Page

You will see the Exam Page now. To proceed, please click on the “Recorded Exam Submission” link.

04. Submission Page

On the Submission Page, you can find instructions on where to upload your files and what files are needed to be uploaded. Please read the instructions in the grey and blue boxes carefully!

05. Prepare your folder for uploading

Prepare your folder containing all required files. Your folder should include all your recordings, a proper copy of your ID or alternative identification method, as well as all other documents you may need to have in place (e. g. proof for special requirements, etc.). All files within your folder, as well as the folder itself, should have a clear name including your name, subject and level. For files, please also define the name of the component / piece and the title.

Here’s an example, how your folder could look like (names are for demonstration only; required files are different for the relevant subject and levels):

When you are ready, scroll down and click on the “Add Submission” button.

05. Open the Upload Page

To go to the Upload Page, click on the link displayed on your Submission Page. The link will open in a new browser tab.

06. The Upload Page

On the upload page, you can either “drag and drop” your files or click on the “select folder” link.
If you are using a tablet or smartphone for uploading the page appears a bit different, of course. On mobile devices, please tap on the “+” sign and you can select multiple files at once directly from your phone’s camera roll / gallery.

example: selected one folder containing all files
example: selected all files individually

When you have selected your folder / all files to upload, please click on the “Upload” button.
The current status of your upload will be displayed.

Once your upload has finished, you will see a success message and a link to your uploaded files.

COPY the link to your files and go back to the Exam Submission Page. We recommend to leave the tab/window with your upload open, in case you have to copy the link again!

07. Submission Information Box

Back on the Submission Page, you can start to fill in the Submission Information Box.
We recommend to start with your full name, subject and level, followed by PASTING the link to your uploaded files.

Below, please list all the components and pieces of your work in the order of your performance.

Please note: you do not need to write many details or an essay. The Box should contain some clear information for the examiner, so that they know who you are and what you are performing.
Of course you can also write a comment to a specific piece or part of your work, where appropriate, but this is absolutely optional and won’t affect the assessment.

When you have written all the details, please double check, if all requirements are met. Also check again that you have pasted in the link to your uploaded files 🙂

Click on the “Save changes” button to proceed.

08. Your Submission saved as draft

Now, your submission is saved as draft. At this stage, you are still able to make edits to your submission or remove your submission at all, if you have to start again for any reason.

By default, the text within the Submission Information Box is shortened. To see your full text, please click on the small blue “+” icon on top of your submission text.

To make changes to your submission, please click on the “Edit submission” button.

To submit your work to our examiners, please click the “Confirm Submission” button. After this stage, no edits can be made anymore.

09. Confirm your submission

To confirm your submission (to send them over to our examiners for marking), please tick the checkbox to confirm you have all files and information in place.

Click on the “Continue” button to complete the submission process.

10. Submission in the marking queue

Congrats! You’re done.

Our examiners will be informed about your submission now.
You can always login to your profile and come back to this page to review your submission and to see when examiners have posted feedback or results.

When the status of your submission has changed (e. g. when your result has been released), you / your teacher will receive a notification via the email entered for the candidate profile. If no email address was provided when booking, please check the status of your submission regularly.

Results are usually released within one week.