FAQs for Digital Recorded Exams

Please visit the official LCME website for current guidelines and requirements of Digital Recorded Exams: 
Exam Requirements: https://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/our-exams/digital-exams/recorded-exams
Recording Guidelines: https://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/information/lcme-recorded-exams-recording-guidelines/

I have an outstanding booking with the previous platform. What shall I do?

Migrations to the new platform were open from 01.12.2022. If you are still outstanding an examination booking please contact the LCME Office via lcme.uwl.ac.uk/contact

I need help with my booking on the new platform.
For assistance making new bookings, please contact Tech Support via the button on this page.
Please do not use this contact address for any questions related to the previous platform!

Is there a deadline for the submission? How much time do I have to upload the files?
LCME expects to receive the submission within two weeks after the booking, as the examiners’ availability need to be planned accordingly.
However, this is not a strict deadline for your submission and the entry is kept open for up to 6 months.
Please note that entries / candidate profiles will be deleted after 6 months to comply with the data retention period according to GDPR. Please make sure to submit your files in time and allow enough time to receive the result and download a copy of the digital feedback report. In case of missing, incomplete or late submissions, the exam is considered as not attended and the entry fee is not refundable.

Why are unique candidate logins required?
Due to regulatory requirements, we have to authenticate each candidate with their unique login.

Update (13.12.2022): You can now enter all your candidates under the same email address. Candidates will be authenticated using an automatically generated username. On the group booking form, the candidate email address field is required, but unique email addresses are not mandatory. If your candidates are managing the submissions themselves, you can provide the candidate’s personal email address. If you are managing the submissions on behalf of your candidates, please provide your booker email address instead and the login details, as well as all notifications will be sent to your email address.

Please do not try to enter random or non-existing email addresses, as your booking can not be processed correctly in such cases.

I am a teacher and want to upload the files for my students.
Of course, it is still possible for you to upload your candidates’ files on their behalf. Candidate login details are sent to the provided candidate email address, as their unique login is linked to their individual profile.
If you want to upload files on behalf of your students, please use your own email address for all entries or communicate clearly with the students / their parents to share the login details with you.

I haven’t received a confirmation email with my login details to upload my files.
At some times it can happen that emails containing your entry confirmation / login details are delayed. Please check your spam folder as well. If you still haven’t received a message 24 hours after booking, please contact us. Please make sure you provide us with relevant information so that we can find your entry as quickly as possible.

I made a typo when entering data during the booking, what can I do?
Please contact our technical support team and provide us both the incorrect and the correct data so that we can easily locate and change them. Please note that any errors must be reported immediately.

Where and how can I login, upload my files and submit my work for the exam?
Here you can find a step by step guide on how to submit your recorded exam.
If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact us.

I can not login to the digital exam platform to upload my work.
Please make sure you have received the entry confirmation email with the login details to the candidate profile (check also your spam folder).
In this email you will find the link and your login details.
For teachers/bookers: please note that each candidate requires their own unique login, so if you have to upload your students’ work on behalf of them, please make sure you have entered the correct email address to receive notifications.

If you can not login and see an error message “Invalid Login”, please double check you use the exact login details as provided.
Most common issues are prepending or appending empty spaces when you copy the login details or missing / slashes in the DOB as the password.

Why is an ID / passport required? What types of ID are accepted?
Due to regulatory requirements, we have to identify each candidate, to verify that the entered student is actually the person taking the exam.
We are aware of it, that students under a certain age may not have a government issued ID card / passport, but you can upload an alternative document for identification.

Accepted documents are:

  • State ID Card
  • Government ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Student ID Card
  • Railway/train ticket

Make sure that the photo, full name and date of birth is clearly visible on the document.

If a candidate is a minor and their country of residence does not issue an ID card/passport, or the school cannot provide a student ID card, identification by a parent or guardian is required. This assumes that the booking includes the name of the parent or guardian and that the details match the ID document. If you are required to use this method of identification, indicate this specifically in the Submission Information Box when submitting the exam.

Please note that your exam can not be marked without a proper identification document. If your identification is missing, the result won’t be issued as long as all required files are uploaded. So in your own interest, to receive your results as quickly as possible, please make sure to confirm your submission only when you really have all required files ready!

How can I inform the examiner about special needs / impairments?
You can inform the examiner of special requirements or impairments with a corresponding comment in the Submission Information Box. Please also attach relevant documents as proof. Simply upload these documents along with your other files.
Important note: Missing / subsequently submitted documents can usually only be considered as long as your submission is not yet in the marking queue.

I forgot to upload a file / document! What can I do?
As long as your submission is saved as “draft” (yellow) you can still make edits to your submission. If you have already confirmed your submission, no edits can be made anymore. In such cases, please contact us to re-open your submission. Incomplete submissions will be rejected by our examiners. So in your own interest, to receive your results as quickly as possible, please make sure to confirm your submission only when you really have all required files ready!

My submission was rejected / re-opened. What shall I do?
The examiner usually rejects and re-opens the submission when the submitted material is either incomplete, files are missing or broken.
Please read the examiner’s feedback carefully and follow the instructions (e.g. if you have to upload all files again or only the missing one. You can contact out tech support team to ask for assistance).
Please note that an additional attempt (re-opening) is an exception only! The examiner has the right to award partial or zero marks when your submission is not complete. Make sure you save and confirm your submission only when you definitely have all files and information uploaded correctly!

My files are too large to upload, what can I do?
We currently accept uploads to a total size of 1000 MB / 1 GB, which is usually sufficient for all recordings.
If your files are larger, please make sure that your videos are recorded with 720p (Full HD is not required).

Recommended file format:

  • .mp4 format
  • resolution of 720p (any higher resolution is not required for the assessment and results in unnecessary large files only)
  • proper compression of the files

How to convert and compress my files to .mp4 format?

There are lots of free and paid software solutions as well as online services to convert your files into .mp4 format. A quick Google search will help you to find a suitable solution for you.
The free and open source software “Handbrake” (https://handbrake.fr) allows to convert and compress your files easily. Their built-in preset “General -> Very fast 720p30” perfectly works to meet LCME’s video requirements. You can find an unofficial guide (not published by us) here: https://scottiestech.info/2017/07/02/shrink-your-videos-quickly-and-easily-with-handbrake/
To quickly convert files for your exam, you can try this free online service for example https://videocandy.com/video-converter.html
To quickly compress files for your exam, you can try this free online service for example https://videocandy.com/compress-video.html

Why is the file format and file size so important?

There are several reasons, why the format and size of your files are relevant. For example:

  • the .mp4 format is a recommended file format, compatible on almost all devices and platforms. Of course you can use other common video formats such as .mov or .avi as well.
  • small file sizes help both you and the examiner to submit and assess the exam in a timely manner. Files with an appropriate size reduce the time you need to upload your work. Same applies to the examiner, as they need less time for downloading your files before they can start marking your exam.
  • please note that the examiner has the right to reject the submission in case of excessive files sizes or misuse of the LCME upload portal.

I can not copy and paste the link to my uploaded files into the submission box.
My browser shows an error.
If you see an error message that your browser does not support to paste in the link directly, please copy and paste the link to your files using keyboard shortcuts instead.
On Windows: CTRL + C to copy / CTRL + V to paste
On Mac OS: CMD + C to copy / CMD + V to paste

How can I download the report form?
The report forms for digital recorded exams have been replaced with the new digital feedback.
You can view the result and feedback directly from the candidate profile.
To print out the digital feedback or download it as a PDF, please use your browser’s built-in print function, which also allows you to save the document as a PDF. The digital report form’s appearance will automatically change to a printer/document friendly format.
To open the print dialogue, please open your browser’s menu and select “Print”. Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. on Windows: CTRL + P; on Mac OS: CMD + P). The print dialogue will open and you can select “Save as PDF” from the printer selection menu to save a PDF instead of printing out a paper copy.
Depending on your device and your browser, the names of the menu items might be different to the example above.

I have my pieces recorded as separate files. Are these still accepted?
We both accept uploads as separate files, as well as pieces recorded as one continuous take.
Please note: The whole performance component of the following subjects and levels must be recorded in a single, uninterrupted take:

  • Diploma Levels (all subjects)
  • Cabaret Grades (Musical Theatre 2023 syllabus)

You can find detailed information for each subject and level in the relevant syllabus and in LCME’s digital exam requirements here.

Are there any changes to the guidelines / syllabus?
Please find the relevant information for your exam on LCME’s official website lcme.uwl.ac.uk.
If you have any specific questions, please contact LCME directly.

Have the exam fees changed?
Please find the relevant information for your exam on LCME’s official website https://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/information/entry-fees.
You will also see the fee for each exam on our booking forms while selecting the subject and level.
If you have any specific questions, please contact LCME directly.

How can I pay for my my exam / booking?
We currently accept the following payment methods:

Credit / Debit Cards
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, Interac, Cartes Bancaires, JCB, China Union Pay

Apple Pay, Google Pay

Can I pay in my country’s local currency?
Yes. The fees are all displayed in GBP, but you can pay in your local currency during the checkout. The conversion from your local currency to GBP will be made directly with your Bank/Credit Card Provider.

I can not find the exam or subject and level I want to enter for.
At the moment, not all subjects and levels are available. After the transitional phase (until 31.12.2022) the list of subjects and levels will be updated. If you have any urgent entries to be made (e.g. UCAS points), please contact the LCME Office directly and they will find a solution for you as quickly as possible.

I am an official Representative / LCME Centre. How can I enter my candidates?
We can assist you with bulk booking via an Excel file. Please use the Contact Us button on this page.
Please note that this service is currently only available for official LCME exam centres!

Where will I be informed about news and current changes?
We constantly revise and update our FAQs. Please check this page regularly to stay up to date. Important announcements and information about exams, guidelines and services can be found directly on the official LCME website here: https://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/publications/lcme-news