Basic usage and commands

  • The arrow keys [↑][→][↓][←] will navigate you to the different notes
  • Letters [A] – [G] on the computer keyboard add/change the note to those pitches
  • The Piano Roll is an alternate way of entering music
  • The controls to the right of the Piano Roll are some frequently used functions for entering music
  • [Insert] or [Ctrl]+[i] adds a new, blank bar/measure (before the selected one)
    [Delete] or [Ctrl]+[D] deletes selected bars/measures
  • Undo previous actions with [Ctrl]+[Z]
  • The main menu is located between the Piano Roll and the music sheet window. It consists of two lines.The icons in the first menu line expand to icon groups that contain most of the functionality of the Notation Editor. The second menu line brings up other submenus or diaglogs that do basically what the buttons say
  • The „refresh” icon in the first menu line changes its status dynamically:
    • Green: the Editor is ready to use
    • Orange: the Editor is processing your input or renders the music sheet
    • Permanently Orange: the Editor is stuck in a process
      • Try to click on the refresh button and wait a few seconds until it changes to green.
      • If this does not help, make notes what you have done in the last few minutes, try to save your current work via „File->Save Answer“ (if necessary); You should be forwarded to your saved answer where you can click on „Edit Answer“ to go back to your work
      • Last option: go back to the Notation Editor and refresh your browser window. The system will try to restore the latest saved status of your work or reloads the original template (Please note that all unsaved data will be lost during the browser refresh!)
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