Using the Online Music Theory Platform

  • Log into the platform and navigate to your exam
  • For live monitored exams: Join the monitoring session and wait for further instructions
  • For exams with AI Invigilation System: there’s no live monitoring session, but automated invigilation by artificial intelligence; you can start your attempt directly.
  • Start your exam attempt by clicking on the “Start attempt now” button
  • On the right is the time remaining for the attempt, as well as a quick navigation of all answered and unanswered questions
  • You can navigate freely through all questions and edit answers at any time during the attempt
  • Make sure to answer all questions before finishing the attempt
  • Make sure you show both sides of your note paper(s) to the webcam before finishing
  • Once you have clicked on “Submit and finish”, the attempt is finished and it is not possible to navigate back
  • Help is available if you are experiencing any issues. Please give the invigilator a sign to ask for assistance
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