Before the exam

  • Please use the toilet before you start the exam. You will not be allowed to take a break during the exam
  • Bring a glass or bottle of water to drink during the exam (only fully transparent glasses or bottles are permitted)
  • Check your device, battery and room (see “Requirements for LCME’s Online Exams”)
  • Remove from your room all other devices and objects which could be used as a resource for your theory exam. For instance, LCME handbooks, music theory books, past exam papers, music history books or similar are not permitted in your room whilst the exam is taking place
    (Please note this list is indicative, not exhaustive)
  • Please have your ID card or passport ready. This is required for identification when entering the monitoring session. If your exam is taken with the AI Invigilation System, please show your ID card or passport to the webcam while starting your attempt.
  • Log into the exam platform, navigate to your exam and join the monitoring session at least 5 minutes before the start of the exam. If your exam is taken with the AI Invigilation System, you can start your attempt immediately without waiting for a human invigilator
  • If you would like to make notes during the exam, you must show both sides of the blank paper(s) or music sheet(s) to the webcam at the start of the exam and upon its completion
  • You can download and print a music sheet here
  • At any point during the exam the invigilator may ask to see your notes

Your invigilator will give you further instructions, if needed.

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