Requirements for LCME’s Online Music Theory Exams


  • Your device needs a webcam and audio input/output for monitoring/invigilation
  • We recommend using devices with a minimum screen size of 10 inches
  • We recommend using a Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Make sure your device’s battery is fully charged and connected to a power plug. Otherwise please make sure that your device is fully charged and that the power plug is within your reach i.e. you will not have to move away from your device to connect it
  • Devices with mobile data / cellular connection are not permitted (Smartphones, Tablets with SIM-Cards,…) 
  • Tablets can be used but they must be connected to WiFi and not via mobile data / cellular connection and adhere to the minimum screen size (10 inches). We recommend using a Stylus Pen and holding the tablet in landscape format
  • Mobile phones are not supported on the Online Music Theory Platform

Internet Connection

  • Your device must have a stable WiFi internet connection
  • All device notifications must be turned off
  • Mobile data / cellular connection may not be used at any point whilst the examination is in progress


  • You should have the latest version of a common modern web browser 
    We recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • Cookies and Javascript must be enabled in your browser (enabled by default; if not, check your browser settings or open the help page of your browser to find out how to enable it.)
  • Disable all software extensions or browser plugins that change the appearance, modify or manipulate the content of the Online Music Theory Platform (for example: Translator Plugins or Translation Service Extensions). If you leave extensions or plugins like these enabled, you may not have access to the platform or can not start your exam. Once detected, our system will block your access to the exam and will flag your attempt as failed.

Your room / surroundings

Please make sure:

  • There is enough light in your room. It must be bright enough for your webcam to show both you and your surroundings clearly
  • The room is quiet 
  • Nobody else is present in the room or enters the room during the exam
  • Your desk does not have any other paper or books on it and that your room is tidy so you are not distracted by anything
  • There are no phones or other devices in your room, or if there are, that they are completely turned off

Please note: Special arrangements may be made for candidates with specific needs, please see our policy and guidance on Equality of Opportunity, Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration.

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