During the exam

  • Handbooks, theory papers or any other documents and tools are not permitted in the exam room
  • The exam platform and the monitoring session are the only sites that may run in your browser during the exam. Please make sure all other windows and tabs are closed  
  • Do not try to login to the platform from a second device or browser window
  • You may not open or navigate to any other website or application during the exam
  • You may not receive any kind of call, message or notification on your device or any other device during the exam
  • Read all questions carefully
  • No exemptions are allowed from any part of any examination. Where an examination component is not attempted, a mark of 0 will be awarded

Making notes during the exam

You may make notes using this downloaded music manuscript paper or a sheet of blank paper. 
However, before starting your exam, you must show both sides of the blank paper(s) and/or music sheet to the webcam.
The Invigilator may ask you to show the camera what you are writing at any point during the exam. At the end of your exam you must show both sides of your paper(s) to the webcam.

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